Springfield Plastics, Inc. Receives Certification for Drainage Pipe

Only Company in U.S. to Use 100% Virgin Resin
Auburn, Illinois – May 12, 2017 – It is with great honor that Springfield Plastics, Inc. (SPI) has received certification verifying the company’s use of only 100% virgin resin in the manufacturing of its drainage pipe. This is SPI’s 17th consecutive year receiving the certification. SPI remains the only U.S. company to receive certification for use of 100% virgin resin in drainage pipe.

Standard setting organizations, such as ASTM and USDA-NRCS, have required the use of virgin resin materials for many years. However, many drainage pipe companies continue to use recycled materials in their products to reduce their costs. Regulators have always been concerned with the wide variability of the physical properties in recycled materials and how they affect the long-term performance of drainage pipe. The inconsistency in the materials can impact strength and lead to stress cracking, uneven wall distributions, and poor deflection. The farmer/landowner could be looking at system failure if any of these product breakdowns occur.

Steve Baker, President of SPI stated, “We have continued to place great importance on receiving this certification and to remain a leader in providing top quality drainage products. We feel it is very important for our customers to know that we want to make this commitment to them year after year. Quality is our first priority and we cannot risk exposing our customers to the defects commonly found in drainage pipe manufactured from recycled materials. Farmers expect the drainage pipe they install in their fields to serve them for many years. We feel that being the only company to extend our certification of 100% virgin resin is allowing farmers to meet that goal.”

Springfield Plastics, Inc. based in Auburn, Illinois is a Midwest manufacturer that has created plastic pipe solutions for people in the agricultural, residential/building, commercial and highway markets since 1978. Springfield Plastics, Inc. is the only U.S. manufacturer certified to use only 100% virgin resin in all products that provide peace of mind through the highest quality and consistency available in today’s drainage market.  For more information please visit www.spipipe.com


Springfield Plastics, Inc.
Steve Baker