Edge of Field Practices: What Are They and How Do I Build Them?

Traditional soil and water conservation has mostly promoted in-field practices and structures – waterways, terraces and buffer strips, for example – to reduce rainfall runoff and reduce sheet and rill erosion. However, as Iowa shifts its focus to reducing nitrogen and phosphorus loading to also benefit surface water quality, it is recognized that edge of field practices – restored wetlands, saturated buffers and bioreactors – will be needed. Learn from land improvement contractors what these are, their benefits, and how to build them, in this one-hour webinar.

Date and Time: Tuesday, July 11, at 1 p.m.

Topics and Speakers:

  • Bioreactors: Bruce Barnhart, Barnhart’s Custom Services, West Branch
  • Wetlands: Aaron Lyle, Lyle Earthworks, LLC, Keota
  • Saturated Buffers: Tim Recker, Recker Construction, Inc., Arlington

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