Iowa LICA Membership

At the 2018 January Meeting of the Iowa LICA Membership a dues increase for Contractor Members and Associate Members was passed to take effect for 2019.

Prompted by the retirement of Dan Rasmussen as the Executive Director, the Iowa Board of Directors of the LICA has been involved in strategic planning to move the organization forward. At the November meeting of the Iowa LICA State Board of Directors they took a vote to propose an increase in the dues for contractor members from $200 to $300 per year. The associate member’s dues would increase from $150 to $250 per year.

The decision to ask for a dues increase was not taken lightly by the Board members. The previous dues increase was in 1996. Since then, in 2000, the National LICA increased their dues from $100 per year to $125. At that time, Iowa LICA absorbed the increase and the dues paid by Iowa contractors
did not increase. This was a net decrease of $25 per member to operate the Iowa LICA Chapter.
As you are all aware, over the last 22 years there have been increases in our costs from postage and printing to advertising and payroll.

Following several meetings, and the hiring of Melanie and Keith Bohle as the new executive directors, new opportunities to grow Iowa LICA are being explored. The Board has determined three objectives to pursue with the increased revenue.

Iowa LICA Membership

  1. Enable the Board of Directors to advance promotion of LICA through advertising of the Association and new member recruitment.
  2. Enable outreach to members
    a. new opportunities and involvement in LICA
    b. more educational programs
  3. Enable cooperative relations with other associations to further the LICA mission.
    We have begun with the purchase of Iowa LICA hats and ¼ zips to celebrate our 60 years as an organization.

We have hosted various groups at the farm this summer improving our outreach to groups and individuals about conservation education. We continue our work with other state organizations
from Iowa to promote the LICA Contractor.

Remember our Mission Statement: To increase the productivity and profit of our membership
through education, legislation and leadership.