Online Wetland Workshop

Iowa LICA Online Wetland Workshop

Iowa LICA believes in helping to increase the productivity and profit of our membership through education, legislation and leadership. This workshop hits the target for all three points and has been designed specifically for Iowa LICA contractors.

LICA members Tim Recker and Aaron Lyle will be sharing their experience constructing wetlands in partnership with the Iowa Department of Land Stewardship (IDALS).

Matt Lechtenberg, from IDALS, will be talking about opportunities for farmers and contractors in the state of Iowa. Funds have been designated for these types of projects throughout the state. Learn about the opportunities in your area of the state.

Dr. Crumpton, from Iowa State University, is currently focusing on wetland processes and functions in agricultural landscapes, including the dynamics of energy flow and nutrient transformation in wetlands, the fate and effects of agricultural contaminants in wetlands, and the role of restored and constructed wetlands in water quality remediation. Dr. Crumpton will share the results from testing of the Iowa LICA farm structures as well as dozens of other structures in the IDALS program.

A recording of the Online Wetland Workshop can be found here.