Clean Out Your Cupboards for Critters

For the past few years, the ladies of Iowa LICA have chosen a charity to sponsor while at the convention. This year they will be donating items and dollars to the Blank Park Zoo. With the funds raised, Iowa LICA will be adopting an animal at the zoo. Members of Iowa LICA met with the zoo and chose four different animals. Each will be associated with a district from the state and districts will challenge each other in the Penny Wars for the animal adoption. The district that earns the most money for the adoption will be named “district of the year”. The following animals will represent the associated districts. Who do you think will raise the most money and adopt their animal?

NE – Ring Tailed Lemur
SE – Amur Tiger
NW – Red Panda
SW – Reticulated Giraffe

While meeting with the zoo, Iowa LICA found that they can use assistance in gathering household items to care for all animals. We have a “Clean Your Cupboards for Critters” campaign. The zoo uses household items such as Tupperware/Rubbermaid containers, measuring cups/spoons for dietary needs of the animals in the commissary. There are so many more things you probably have laying around they could use for enrichment of the animals. Check out the animal wish list here
Now’s the time to donate those items you received way back when you got married and get yourself some new. You deserve it! What better way to help care for these critters and get a little something in the process.