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More Success For You!

Join LICA, Iowa’s most professional soil and water conservation association, and learn from hundreds of the most successful contractors in Iowa, who willingly share their knowledge and expertise.

Enjoy District meetings close to your home with folks just like you. Yearly State meetings and conventions are conveniently located and offer education, fun and fellowship for the family. LICA Associate members exhibit the latest materials and equipment at these conventions. National conventions with trade shows, banquets and educational seminars are held yearly in beautiful areas around the country to provide productive, fun outings for you and your family.

Benefits that you receive from this association are unlimited!

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The LICA Creed

Land, the foundation of the Nation
The basis of all wealth,
The heritage of the wise,
The thrifty and prudent,
The poor man’s joy and comfort,
The silent partner of man,
The producer of food, fiber and fuel,
The basis of factories,
The foundation of banks.

All that man builds is from the land.
We oft take it for granted,
or even abuse it,
and yet many unthinkingly and unknowingly
pass the land by.
What man finally does with the land
will be the deciding factor,
of his survival.