About Us

Iowa LICA contractors work with soil and water. From land clearing, drainage, wetland restoration, pond building, sewer and water installation, septic systems, terraces, waterways, erosion control structures, basements, demolition, sewage disposal, seeding, tree planting, removal of underground stroage tanks to any other type of work with soil and water.

Before you hire a contractor to do your work, check to see if they are a member of the Iowa Land Improvement Contractor’s Association. Assure yourself of a job well done.

Iowa LICA Members are committed to:

  • clean, fair competition as healthy and necessary for growth and prosperity
  • truth, fairness, goodwill and friendship in all things
  • high ethical and professional standards as being essential to the vitality of our businesses and Iowa LICA
  • ethical decisions involving owners, engineers, contractors, suppliers, employees, and anyone who is affected by our actions
  • maintaining a standard of performance-consistent with the owners best interests and our obligations
  • honor the terms and the intent of all contracts whether written or verbal
  • doing business, whenever possible, only with others who subscribe to the principles of this code of ethics

2022 Iowa LICA Legislative Policy

Below is a link to the 2022 Iowa LICA Legislative Policy which was debated and voted on at the 2022 Iowa convention. This policy will be reviewed annually during our convention in January. We encourage all Iowa LICA members to attend and participate.